Victim Witness Advocacy

The Office of Victim-Witness Advocacy, within the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office, was established by law to ensure that the rights of the crime victims are protected and that the criminal justice system treats crime victims and witnesses with fairness, compassion and respect. Therefore, the Office of Victim-Witness Advocacy’s objective is threefold: to ensure the notification of case proceedings, to offer assistance in meeting needs due to the financial, physical and emotional strains of crime victimization and to provide support and information during the criminal justice process.

The Cumberland County Office of Victim-Witness Advocacy is supervised by Director Lorena Diaz (Palaez). The unit has trained professionals who are victim advocates, bi-lingual victim advocates and administrative assistants to assist crime victims and witnesses on a daily basis. Additionally, victim advocates are on call 24-7 to assist local law enforcement with any sudden death or violent crime.

As a victim of crime, you have entered the criminal justice process by circumstance rather than by choice. Your role is critical and your participation and cooperation are essential to the prosecution of the case. We offer services to you to help you cope with the aftermath of victimization and participation in the system less difficult and burdensome.

Victim-Witness Services

  • Provide Criminal Justice orientation and information
  • Assistance in completing victim impact form
  • Provide referrals for counseling and support services to meet needs resulting from the crime
  • Case status notification
  • Courtroom accompaniment
  • Information about transportation, parking, courthouse location
  • Child care when attending court proceedings
  • Provide information and assistance in filing claims with the Victims of Crime Compensation Office
  • Assistance with return of property when it is no longer needed as evidence
  • Assistance in applying for restitution
  • Employer and Creditor intercession
  • Provide a separate and secure waiting area while waiting to appear in court
  • Provide information and assistance regarding NJ VINE System
  • HIV/AIDS testing of defendant involving sexual assault matters
  • Parole Eligibility and Release Notification

Important Links

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NJ Office of Victim-Witness Advocacy

Agency Contacts

Center for Family Services (Sexual assault and Domestic Violence services)
SERV hotline # 800-225-0196
3642 E. Landis Avenue, Vineland

CGS Family Support Organization
3739 N. Delsea Drive, Vineland

Family Success Center of Vineland
1038 E. Chestnut Avenue, Suite 130, Vineland

South Jersey Legal Services
Main Office: 1-800-496-4570
Vineland Office: 856-691-0494

Casa PRAC, Inc.
800 East Chestnut Avenue, Vineland

Cumberland Co. Board of Social Services
275 N. Delsea Drive, Vineland

Division of Child Protection and Permanency
24 hour hotline: 1-877-652-2873

Lorena Diaz (Pelaez)

Victim/Witness Coordinator

Lorena Diaz (Pelaez) joined the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office in 2006. She worked as a Victim Witness Advocate for 11 years. During this time, she also served as a Domestic Violence Outreach Advocate, where she served Spanish speaking residents of Cumberland County to increase awareness on Domestic Violence. The experience she gained was instrumental in… read more »