Chief Richard Necelis supervises and is responsible for all investigative functions within the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office. The CCPO has four (4) bureau’s that fall within the Investigation Division:

  • Organized Crime Bureau
  • Criminal Investigation Bureau
  • Legal Bureau
  • Administration Bureau

In addition to those divisions, he oversees the investigations of the Professional Standards Unit.

Each of the four bureau’s in the Investigation Division are staffed with County Investigator’s (NJSA 2A: 157-10) that hold the various ranks of Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant (Bureau Commander) and Chief. All detectives are sworn law enforcement officers and possess all the rights, powers and privileges of police officers and are sworn to assist the prosecutor in the detection, apprehension, arrest and conviction of offenders against the law.

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Organized Crime Bureau

A Lieutenant is the Commander of the the Organized Crime Bureau (OCB) which is responsible for the investigation of cases involving gangs, guns, narcotics and other organized criminal activity. The unit is also responsible for gathering intelligence related to crime throughout the County. The Lieutenant of this unit also oversees a County-Wide Task Force comprised of Prosecutor’s Office detectives and local law enforcement agencies committed to investigating organized criminal activity.

Criminal Investigation Bureau

A Lieutenant is the Commander of the Criminal Investigation Bureau which consists of the Major Crimes Unit and the Special Victims Unit.

Major Crimes Unit (MCU) – The MCU is responsible for conducting and/or assisting other Cumberland County police agencies with homicide, suspicious death, political corruption, fraud, arson and various other investigations and crimes committed within the County.

Special Victims’ Unit – The SVU is responsible for effectively investigating cases of sexual abuse and child physical or sexual abuse. These highly trained detectives are certified forensic child interviewers and experts in the field of child abuse and sex crimes. This unit conducts hundreds of child sex abuse cases each year, many resulting in the arrest and conviction of the offender.

Within the Special Victim’s Unit, there are several sub-units which include:

  • Megan’s Law Unit
  • High Tech Crimes Unit
  • Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Unit
  • Child Abduction Response Team (CART)

Legal Bureau

A Lieutenant is the Commander of the Legal Bureau which consists of the:

  • Grand Jury Unit
  • Trial Support Unit
  • Juvenile and Domestic Violence Units
  • Central Judicial Processing function.

The Legal Bureau conducts investigations in reference to their respective unit assignments. It also conducts follow-up supplemental investigations based on investigations originating from Cumberland County’s three (3) municipal law enforcement agencies: Bridgeton Police Department, Millville Police Department and Vineland Police Department, along with two (2) New Jersey State Police Stations: Bridgeton and Port Norris. Supplemental investigations may include follow-up interviews with victims, witnesses and suspects as well as the serving of subpoenas and other court documents as required.

Administration Bureau

A Lieutenant is the Commander of the Administration Bureau which consists of the:

  • Evidence Unit
  • Division Policy Development and Management Function
  • Training Unit
  • Extradition Unit

The Administration Unit is responsible for the coordination of the development and implementation of new office policies, procedures and directives, as well as the office’s Directive Management System, the Accreditation Process and mandated in-service training required by statute. The unit is also responsible for the design and implementation of the offices computer automation.  The unit is also responsible for facilitating the overall extradition process, including preparing requests for Governor’s warrants, preparation of Interstate Compact forms, and the arraignment of fugitives and Waivers of Extradition.

The Evidence Unit is responsible for receiving all evidence which is logged, categorized and inventoried. This function includes evidence from five (5) law enforcement agencies in Cumberland County. They also handle the intake and subsequent forfeiture or release of seized assets or property.

Professional Standards Unit

This unit falls under the supervision of a Sergeant of County Detectives who reports directly to the Chief of Investigations and/or the County Prosecutor. The unit is responsible for Internal Affairs investigations into employee misconduct, which includes maintaining records of complaints and disposition of all internal complaints/allegations against all employees of the office. Additionally, PSU is responsible for investigations/review of investigations referred to the unit. PSU investigations are identified as the following: allegations of criminal activity committed by law enforcement officers; background investigation of potential employees being hired by the office; background investigations of interns; allegation/complaints against law enforcement executives within Cumberland County; and any other confidential investigation/assignment designated by the Prosecutor or Chief of Investigators.

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Community Policing Unit

The Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office (CCPO) – Community Policing Unit (CPU) consists of a team of eight (8) hand picked uniformed county detectives from the CCPO – Investigation Division. The CPU works in conjunction with the CCPO Community Justice Unit by interacting with the community, local youth and civic leaders in a positive manner.

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