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Cumberland County Law Enforcement, our community leaders and I would like to welcome you to the Cumberland County Law Enforcement Advisory Board’s “Community Engagement Series” (CES). During the course of 2016, the CES will be holding a series of meetings and gatherings where our law enforcement officials and our community can discuss topics and subjects that effect us all. These meetings are meant to open the lines of communication, educate the public and inform our law enforcement community about the issues we all face today. I encourage you to participate in these meetings as we all work toward a better future for Cumberland County. – Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae

To learn more about the CES or to register to attend, please go HERE.


The Community Justice unit consists of one coordinator and one assistant. In existence for more than 13 years, the Community Justice Unit is coordinated by Program Development Specialist Mark D. Anderson with the assistance of Ms. Julia Lore.

The Community Justice Unit’s primary objectives are to reduce crime and improve quality of life through means of community involvement and to help enhance relationships between law enforcement and the community.

With a key focus on high risk behaviors, gangs, and violence, the Community Justice Unit works in partnership with the NJ Juvenile Justice Commission Gang Management and Restorative Justice Units, implementing awareness, prevention education programs and intervention strategies on violence, gangs, victim impact and bullying.

Working to support local law enforcement crime prevention efforts as well as assisting schools and after-school programs to educate students about the dangers and consequences of high risk behaviors, Community Justice coordinates the Prosecutor’s Office Speakers’ Bureau, which offers free educational presentations for youths and adults in the following areas:

  • Bullying
  • Gang awareness and issues
  • Choices
  • Juvenile issues
  • Internet Safety
  • Domestic violence
  • Megan’s Law
  • Victim’s Rights
  • Law Enforcement Careers

For more information about these free services available to help your school or agency, or to request a presentation, please contact Mark Anderson @ 856-207-1173 or

Community Justice Assistant Julia Lore can be contacted at 856-453-0486, ext. 23106 or

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Mark Anderson

Community Justice Coordinator

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Mark has spent over 20 years in public service. He has worked 13+ years as a civilian employee with the Cumberland County, NJ, Prosecutor’s Office, where he currently serves as the Principal Program Development Specialist- Criminal Justice, coordinating the Community Justice Unit whose primary objectives are to reduce crime and… read more »