Sexual Assault Response Team/Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program  (SART/SANE)


To provide all victims of sexual assault with a sexual assault medical forensic examination and treatment in a timely, compassionate and respectful manner consistent with the Attorney General Standards for Providing Services to Victims of Sexual Assault.


  • Uniform treatment of sexual assault victims
  • Promote safe environment
  • Facilitate healing
  • Timely collection of high quality forensic evidence
  • Have immediate support system
  • Confidentiality and autonomy respected

Every Victim of Sex Assault will have access to:

  • Sexual assault medical forensic exam
  • Rape care advocacy
  • Law enforcement

Every victim of sexual assault will have the benefit of a discharge plan that addresses personal safety, medical follow-up and emotional needs.  Victims of sexual assault will also be afforded the opportunity to evaluate the services provided.


The New Jersey SART/SANE (Sexual Assault Response Team/Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) program has made a positive impact on the services provided to victims of sexual assault. The SART/SANE concept is based on a “team” approach, and one of its chief objectives is to ensure that every victim of sexual assault has access to quality health care treatment in a timely fashion.  Under SART/SANE, the victims of sexual assault are provided thorough care in well equipped, specialized facilities. The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners work collaboratively with police officers and rape care advocates to provide the best services available.  In accordance with the Attorney General’s Directive, this SART/SANE activation occurs when the following criteria are met:

  • The victim must be 13 years of age or older;
  • The incident must have occurred within five days of disclosure; and,
  • The victim must consent to the activation of SART

Victims not electing to be examined by a SANE receive quality health care in Salem County by the emergency room staff at either Salem Memorial Hospital or South Jersey Healthcare Elmer Hospital.

Read the New Jersey Attorney General’s Standards for Providing Services to Victims of Sexual Assault (pdf).



SERV provides crisis intervention, counseling, and support to survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and human trafficking. Our dedicated team of highly trained and compassionate staff provide personalized care to help people follow a path to healing.

The SERV crisis intervention team is available 24/7 through free and confidential toll-free hotlines:

Cumberland County: 1.800.225.0196

More information about SERV can be found at:


The Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office is seeking Forensic Nurse Examiners. Please click on the below announcement for information.